Juniper Cardigan by Jennifer Lauren

Fall is here and it’s time to get cozy. When the cold comes I love to get snugly and layer myself up in clothes. Cropped cardigans are something I wear a lot and I finally found a pattern so I can make them myself.

To be fair, this pattern was on my rader for a long time. It was on my #makenine2018 and it took me until september of 2018 to finally make it. Already having the pattern for several months.


So why did it take me so long? The pattern intimidated me. There is a series of sew-along posts on the website of Jennifer Lauren and I was very quickly lost in the instructions. Actually purchasing the pattern and looking at the pattern I was so confused. All this came from the saddle shoulder.

So the saddle shoulder is like a raglan sleeve. But this looked super funky and I was so confused. Turned out: it’s not that hard. Like all patterns you just have to match the markings and ease the curves in bit.


So I went on and made two. The first one is a leopard print knit that goes great with a lot of things. Because in my book, leopard is a neutral.


The second one I made is in a burgundy-red knit fabric. I’ve lusted over this fabric for a long time in the fabric store and with this pattern I finally found a use for it. I combined it with a black ponte-knit so design of the cardigan is more noticeable.


I really love this pattern! the cropped length is perfect for layering on skirts and dresses and it’s something I can make quickly which is always nice. There will be more of this these!


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