Me-Made Gift: Baby Bathrobe!

A friend of mine recently had her first baby and I’m so exited for her and her fiance! In the months leading onto the birth they shared some things on social media dropping the word “monster”. On the card are cartoon monsters, it’s a very cute little theme.

They organised a little get-together with friends to meet the baby. Along with it was a wish-list of things they wanted for the baby. On that list was “baby bathrobe”.

Instantly I thought a bathrobe was a cute gift and I started to look for one. Baby bathrobes are kinda plain. Way to plain for this colorful couple! So making a baby bathrobe it was. Monster themed.

Oh, I had 8 days to do this. Never made baby of kids clothes before. No pressure.

First, I started looking for a pattern. I found this pattern that looked simple enough and had a hood. It came in baby sizes 1-12 months or a 6 months-7 years version. I decided to go for the second one. Ideally I can make a bathrobe for this kid until his 7th birthday! 😉

Knowing my friends and their taste, colour was the way to go. Also, monsters have colour and if I wanted a white bathrobe I could have bought one. I also wanted it to be soft. I own a very soft comfy robe and found the same fabric online. It’s sold as wellness fleece and noted as suitable for robes and baby items, perfect! I ordered a meter of an oker yellow and a teal colour.

The pattern was super simple and fast to assemble. I cut and sewed the majority in one session and finished it the next day. I added spikes to the hood to tie into the monster theme. I used the ocker for the main part of the robe and the teal for contrast.

The only downside of the pattern is that it missed a mark of where to put the tabs for the waist tie. It does give a measurement but it doesn’t sit right in my opinion… a good mark would have been better.

My fabric did have a lot of fluff coming of the cut edges. Like, insanely much. I kept the vacuum close and used it every 30 minutes to get rid of all the fluff on the table. And the floor. And my clothes. Even the cat was covered in teal fluff.

This project was super fun to make and super quick. The parents where very happy with the bathrobe and I can’t wait to get a picture of the little one in it. I encourage everybody to make baby bathrobes, perfect gift for a newborn or parents to be.

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