Velvet Wrap Dress.

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A comfortable dress made from a fabric that is so soft you could cuddle yourself? YES PLEASE!
This amazing dress is the Vogue 8379 pattern in a lycra velvet.

A wrap dress is a timeless classic that is very flattering for a lot of bodyshapes. With some wrap dress patterns the “wrap” part is fixed with hooks-and-eyes or snaps. This pattern is a true wrap dress that has a tie that goes through the side seam of the bodice. With this you can pull the dress as tight as you like making it comfortable all the time.

The pattern I used is designed for a stretch fabric. I used this lycra velvet but you can also make this pattern in other woven fabrics like punta di roma or a stable jersey. The choice in fabric also makes it adaptable to every occasion. To me, velvet is fancy and festive. A more matte fabric can make it a more every-day dress (though I wear this velvet to the office regularly) and a flower print will make it a lovely spring dress.

I would love to make this dress in a single colour like a basic black or a dark purple. This dress is super comfortable and I love how the fabric makes it look fancy whilst putting in minimal effort. Only thing I would change for a next version is to make the skirt a bit wider and longer.

What do you think about this dress?

The fabric for this dress was kindly provided by

4 thoughts on “Velvet Wrap Dress.

  1. I’m about your size and I’ve been hesitant about wrap dresses. You look so cute in this I think I’m going to try it in stretch velvet like this.


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