My Fabric Market Haul

Here in the Netherlands there are two big traveling fabric markets. Both of them have dates in the spring and dates in the fall. When the dates are announced I always put them in my calendar and shop till I drop! I’ll show you my purchases and what I’m planning to make with them.

Last week I went to the market in Eindhoven with my sewing-buddy Steffie and our men. I normally don’t go to the one in Eindhoven since it’s quite a bit away from my home but I couldn’t make the one closer to me so we went on a little road-trip to get our fabric-fix!

These fabric markets are super fun. There are a lot of different fabric stalls and you can find fabric for as cheap as €1,- a meter all the way up high-end fabrics for €100,- (or even more) a meter. There is everything from dress-fabric to upholstery to fabrics for making a wedding dress. Besides fabric there are also notions for sale and sometimes a local sewing-school or sewing-machine supplier with a booth.

Before we went to the market I made a little shopping list for patterns I want to make so I would know how much to get of things. I also kept in mind what I wanted to sew from the project-planning-blog I recently made.

So, let’s dive into what I bought! (some of these have just been pre-washed so if you think they’re wrinkly, that’s why.)

Our first stop was the stall of I already saw online that they had some fabulous things and I couldn’t wait to dive into their fabric.

They have super pretty and soft viscose fabrics this season and it was hard to choose. So I got three of them :).
First up is this pale pink with a flower-print. I saw two wrap-type blouses in a recent issue of Burda and I Think I’ll make one of them from this fabric. I really like the big leaf print on this fabric.

Next is the same fabric but with a navy-bleu background. I’ll make a blouse for my boyfriend from this one. Isn’t it crazy how different the fabric look with just a different background colour.

The last of the viscoses is this black one with small pink flowers. I think this will be an Ogden Cami.

Also from Budgetstoffen is this leopard-ish printed chiffon. I’ll turn this into a kimono or other sort of beach cover-up. (This one is not on the budgetstoffen website, different prints can be found here.)

Lastly, I got fabrics to make a bikini! Making a bikini has been on my to-sew list for about two years. I followed a bra course last fall and now I finally know a bit about making a bra. I also made some high waisted panties last year, so I feel confident enough to tackle the bikini. I already know I want to use the Sophie Swimsuit from Closet Case Patterns. To make my bikini I got a fun jungle printed lycra, a plain black lycra and mesh black lycra for the lining. (The jungle print is not on the website unfortunately, but they have many great lycra prints!)

All of the fabrics above were kindly gifted to me by Budgetstoffen for our blog collaboration.

After this, we went to check out the other stalls at the market and got even more fabric.

The next thing I bought was a big piece of navy-blue fabric. It has a very good drape and feels like crepe but thicker. I will use this for a skirt & top combo. I also bought cute wooden buttons for this set at the market.

It was a bit of a search but I found a perfect ocker-yellow fabric for a skirt. This colour is very trendy right now but trendy things aren’t always easy to find in fabric. So I was very happy to find this fabric. It is a thicker cotton, almost like a canvas or linnen. This will be a skirt that I also planned for in my previous blog.

Last thing I bought is a light-bleu stretch jeans to make a cropped culotte-length Jenny Trouser (also a Closet Case Patterns-Pattern).

Oh! and I bought a piece of black viscose for a wearable muslin of a blouse or an Ogden Cami but I didn’t photograph that.

Last two fabrics I want to share with you aren’t from the market but I got them recently at a super cute shop in Delft, ‘t Stoffig Pakhuis.
This shop isn’t far from my home but weirdly enough, I never visited it before! The lady that owns the shop is super sweet and we had a really good talk about fabric, sewing and taking pictures for Instagram. I got two fabrics there that I absolutely love. A striped viscose with lemons and a folklore-ish cotton.

So, last thing. These fabrics combine so well! Again referring to my previous blog about planning my sewing, this is what I’m talking about with sewing in colors and being able to wear different tops with different bottoms. Accidentally all the bottom fabrics are plain and most of my fabrics for tops have prints. This really works in my opinion.

That was it! I think I’ll have more then enough to sew in the coming months and build myself a nice little spring-summer wardrobe. I’m so exited to get started!

What is your favorite fabric in this haul?

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