Paris Adventures and Outfits

Bonjour! Earlier this month I was in Paris for a four day city trip with my boyfriend, sewing-bestie Stephanie and her husband. We spend four days wondering around in this amazing city, visiting all of the cultural high-lights. In this blog I’ll show you what I was wearing and what we did each day.

Last year the four of us went to London and we enjoyed it so much, we decided in the plane back we wanted to go to Paris this year. In London we mainly did shopping and not so much sight-seeing. So this year, we focused on city high-lights and culture 100%.

Day 1: Traveling & Mont Martre.

The first day was the morning of traveling. Living near Rotterdam we booked the Thalys to Paris. It gets you to the heart of Paris in under 3 hours! I absolutely loved traveling by train. It was comfortable, fast, no two hours waiting time at an airport and no luggage charge. I’m also not the biggest fan of flying in general so this train traveling thing was ideal for me. (And thanks to my mom for dropping us at the station saving us an hour on the bus.)

We arrived at Gare du Nord around 11.30. We had to figure out how metro tickets worked and made our way to the hotel. After checking in we made our way to the artist neighborhood in Paris: Mont Martre. We got some lunch and continued walking, climbing all the stairs to the Sacre Cour.

From the Sacre Cour we walked down through the park in front and ended up at fabric stores! I had heard there where some fabric stores at the bottom of the Sacre Cour but I didn’t imagine there being quite a few and how big they where! We don’t have anything like that at home. I didn’t buy anything. Mostly because I wasn’t that much in a shopping mood and nothing really grabbed me. Or maybe I’m just saturated from all the fabric I got recently.

We wondered around the neighborhood some more and made some cute pictures in a little park. The bleu tiled wall says “I love you” in 311 different languages, very cool. For this first day I wanted to be comfortable for traveling. I wore a newly made yellow skirt with a top I made from a scrap of Velvet from this dress. During the trip I worn my cropped wool jacket to keep warm.

The skirt and top are both patterns from Knipmode (a Dutch sewing magazine) the top is from the April 2016 issue, the skirt is from June 2018.

At the end of the day we went back to the hotel to unpack and relax a little. For dinner we walked towards the Arc de Triomphe and had dinner in one of the restaurants around it. After dinner we went to the Eiffel Tower. We took the metro to Trocadero from where you have a good view of the Eiffel Tower. Accidentally we were there at the exact right moment for the flickering lights! Seeing the Eiffel tower light up was truly magical, very impressive.

Day 2: Versailles

When we planned the trip we already knew we wanted to visit the palace of Versailles. Neither of us had been there before and we all wanted to visit it. We bought all-acces tickets prior to the day and we started with visiting the palace itself.

The palace is pretty impressive by it’s scale and the interior is just amazing. It’s so luxurious with gold, paintings and mirrors everywhere. After visiting the palace we really wanted to make our way down to the Trianon estate where the house of Marie Antoinet is located. On the map it said it was a 15 min walk. Well, that 15 min walk was way longer. Or so it seemed. We were already at the estate for hours, not having sat down for lunch (because of no seats being available) and had already walked a lot the day before. But with a rest in between, we made it! (and we took a bumpy train back to the main palace.)

Honestly, I really want to go back to Versailles. Trying to visit everything in one day is just to much. The gardens look absolutely amazing but we didn’t had the time or energy to explore them. I would love to go back on a sunny day for the gardens and to take a better look at the Trianon estate.

For this day I wore my red B6453 dress with pink ribbon at the bottom. Ironically I bought the fabric for this dress the year before in London. I paired the dress with a light pink cardigan and pink sneakers.

We ended the day in a restaurant next to the hotel. We had an absolutely amazing dinner and went to bed early, being super tired.

Day 3: Notre Dame, La Chapelle & the Eiffel Tower.

I said before we where going to do all the highlights, and this day we did a lot of them!

We started the day by going to the Notre Dame. I must say that it’s a very weird feeling having seen it a week before the big fire. We got to see the Dame in it’s full original glory and that feels quite special when I reflect on it.

A colleague of Stephanie gave her the tip to vist “la Chapelle”. It is a little chapel near the Notre Dame. It is in the middle of the justice center and not really visible from the outside. The chapel itself is absolutely beautiful and so ornate. The stained glass windows were absolutely amazing.

After this we had lunch across the street in a little cafe and walked towards the point of the island. We then took the metro and went to the one thing Paris is known for the most: The Eiffel Tower!

The Eiffel Tower is just something you must have done in your life at least once. It gives a great overview of the city, it’s just amazing.

It’s also super windy!

Unfortunately I didn’t feel well this day. The massive amounts of walking really got to me and traveling always makes my stomach upset. Because of this, I didn’t get any good outfit shots (I didn’t feel like posing and didn’t like 99% of the pictures we did make). Very frustrating because this was the outfit I was looking forward to the most!

I was wearing my Jenny pants and a blouse (Simplicity 8445) I had finished in the week before the trip. I absolutely love the fabric of the blouse!

Day 4: Louvre, Champs-Élysées and going back home.

On the last day we took it slow in the morning before check-out. We made our way to the Louvre museum to check out the pyramids. We already decided we didn’t want to visit the Louvre. All four of us had visited it before and weren’t that impressed by it. Properly visiting the Louvre will also cost you a full day. So we just visited the glass pyramids instead.

From the Louvre you can walk in a straight line towards the
Arc de Triomphe through a park with lovely fountains and flower beds. It was here we made some pictures. I was wearing a comfy leopard wrap dress I made combining two patterns. The main parts of the dress are Butterick 5030 but since that’s a faux wrap dress I borrowed the “wrap” part of the Vogue 8379. I also made the skirt longer and wider.

After the park we walked over the Champs-Élysées until we reached the
Arc de Triomphe . I expected the Champs-Élysées to be more of a shopping destination but it wasn’t that for me. As a result the only things I got whilst being at Paris was some make-up at Sephora.

At the end of the day we picked up our bags at the hotel and got our train back home.

Let’s go again!

I absolutely loved visiting Paris. I just wished I was feeling a bit better so I would have had more energy to enjoy things a bit more (and not fall asleep the moment I got to the hotel at the end of the day). My boyfriend already decided that we are going back to Paris some day. There is still so much to see! Next time I want to visit the Catacombs, the shops at the old passages and I would love to go back to père-lachaise to visit the grave of Jim Morrison again (went there 10+ years ago whilst being in Paris with my mom.)

We are already talking about where to go for next year. Still planning to go in April but also decided to go somewhere with more sun. Preferably with a pool to relax at the end of the day… Barcelona or Athene is high on our list but we’re open for suggestions within Europe!

Up next, in just over a week I’m driving with my boyfriend, mom and sister towards Disneyland Paris! And I’m soooooo looking forward to that! I do have some sewing to do for that so: TO THE SEWING MACHINE!

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