A Jenny Pants Adventure

I had never made a successful pair of pants in my life until recently. I have a lot of curves and those curves just don’t fit that well in regular off-the-rack pants. And something I really wanted was a nice fitting pair of high-waisted pants. It took me a while to get there, but I finally made some pants that I really like!

When Closet Case Patterns came out with the Jenny overall & pants last year I immediately loved them. Seeing them on so many beautiful woman on the internet, it just was something that I needed to make. But it took me a while to get there.

I started with making the ultimate high-waisted-wide-legged-shorts. If I could get those right, I could make the full length pants. For The shorts I bought two pieces of stretchy pants fabric at the market and started with making a mock-up. In the end, I graded between sizes (16 waist and a 20 in the hips), and made my first version of the shorts. This was going to be my “wearable muslin” so I omitted the pockets to save myself some time. I’ve worn this pair once, on vacation last year (July 2018).

These shorts where fine, but far from perfect. I felt that the rise wasn’t high enough on me and the crotch wasn’t right either. By now I was a little done with the pattern, already investing a lot of time and effort in the pair of shorts that didn’t fit right. In fact, it took me until this spring to pick it up again.

This time I started with trying the shorts on and writing down what changes I wanted to make and went from there. I added rise to the pants and made some adjustments to the crotch using the extremely helpful pant fitting guide from Closet Case. I also added pockets to this version. It fitted so much better that I felt comfortable making a full length version.

For my full length version I made it in a soft denim fabric from Budgetstoffen. This fabric was lovely to work with. It is heavy but not stiff and has a good amount of stretch. I also made the waistband on this version a little wider.

The fabric was kindly gifted to me by Budgetstoffen for a review for their blog. I paired these pants with a blouse made from Simplicity 8445. I’m going to make a separate blog about this blouse.

Being on a Jenny-pant-roll I made a third version, a cropped leg version in pale bleu jeans with white top stitching. I got this fabric at the market. The salesman insured me there was a really good amount of stretch in it for being a jeans fabric and I just went with it because I loved the colour.

When trying the pants on it turned out it lacked the stretch I needed and the pants where very tight. Having already top stitched my side seams I could only get some extra room from the crotch seam so I let that out as much as I could and it fits a lot better now, it made all the difference. On this version I also lowered the back pockets. The top I’m wearing is the Rita Blouse pattern from Charm Patterns.

The only thing I really struggle with on all of these is the zipper. I can’t get it to lie flat on my body and therefore there is always a bit of zipper exposed.

Overall, I really like the pants I’ve made with this pattern. The pattern is very clear and I enjoy styling the pants in different ways. The purple and light bleu versions where also on my Spring/Summer sewing plans. The only thing left is to make the actual overall version.

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