Sewing My Boyfriend’s New Favorite Blouse.

Recently I’ve started to really like viscose fabrics. I used to be a cotton kinda girl all the way but something about the softness and flowy-ness of viscose really got to me.

I got this leave print viscose from Budgetstoffen at the fabric market a while ago. Every now and then I make my boyfriend a blouse and he really liked this fabric (which surprised me because he’s normally not that into prints).

The pattern I used is from a Burda pattern magazine from June 2016. This is the pattern I’ve used. I’ve made the pattern once before a few years ago and the fit (after a few minor adjustments) was great.

The pattern has a lot of technical details like an yoke at the back, double flap pockets on the front, shoulder tabs, a band at the sleeve, collar on a stand and a button placket. I wanted it to be a little cleaner so I scraped the shoulder details and double pockets and just did a simple pocket on one side. What’s also great about this pattern are the darts on the back panel. I adjusted these slightly to be more fitted at the waist.

The fabric was lovely to work with. Some viscose fabric can be a little slippery to handle but this one didn’t give me any problems. The fabric for this project was kindly gifted to me by budgetstoffen. You can purchase the fabric here. It also comes with a black background and a pink background.

Because viscose is a flowy fabric it’s important to use a suitable fusible interfacing for your project. I used one from my stash that’s a lighter fusible interfacing, rather then the medium one that I use on cotton.

I also have this fabric in pink and want to make a blouse or dress for myself. I’m leaning more towards a dress but the pattern I’ve ordered is taking forever to arrive…

My boyfriend really likes this blouse and has already worn it a couple of times. The fit is great and he really likes the feeling of the fabric.

What would you make with this fabric? Let me know what you think about this project!

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