Special Occasion Sewing

Every year I try to make something to wear during the holiday season. Last year I made a fringe dress and this year I’ve already made a sparkling bolero. I was planning on making a special occasion dress, and midway decided my dress was better of becoming a three-piece. The idea was to make an…… Continue reading Special Occasion Sewing

Sewing My Ultimate Strapless Bra, Take 1.

I’ve just “finished” this bra and panties an hour ago and am so exited about it, I wanted to share it ASAP! The bra is missing it’s underwire because I had to order the right size so it’s 99% done. But that won’t stop me,I just love it! Me and sewing lingerie Sewing lingerie isn’t…… Continue reading Sewing My Ultimate Strapless Bra, Take 1.

Sewing for Spring/Summer: Inspiration and Planning.

I don’t know about you, but my normal sewing planning process looks like this:”That’s a cute fabric! Let’s make X out of it!”And I make the garment. The end. Now let me be clear, there is nothing “wrong” with this process. I get exited about a fabric or pattern and make a garment I’m happy…… Continue reading Sewing for Spring/Summer: Inspiration and Planning.

The Big Gertie Patterns Overview.

If you don’t know who Gertie is and you enjoy sewing fifties inspired fashion. I highly suggest you continue reading. In the world of vintage sewing, Gertie is a big name. There even is a Facebook group for things people make with her patterns with over 32.000 members from all over the world. Gertie started…… Continue reading The Big Gertie Patterns Overview.