Sewing for the Holiday Season: Sparkling Bolero Jacket

I love Christmas. I love putting up the tree. Decorating my house with lights and candles. I love buying gifts for my family and friends. Most of all I love wrapping gifts with ribbons and tags and what not. Most of all, I love the Holiday season because it’s socially acceptable to wear all kinds of glitter and sparkle.

I Try to make something to wear for the Holiday’s every year. Last year I made a velvet wrap dress (that I still wear very often) and a fringe dress. This year, I’m going to make dress for a wedding in December. But before that, I made a sparkling sequin bolero jacket.

This jacket is so cute, it’s the perfect layering piece. I made it from champagne colored sequins with matching cotton lining. I also used the cotton to make the binding for the neck edge.

The pattern is from the Dutch sewing magazine “Knipmode”, issue November 2019 model 24. The neck binding is supposed te be in the outer fabric. However, binding from sequins won’t work so I made it from the cotton. I also chose to slip-stitch the binding to the inside so there won’t be a visible stitch along the outside. The pattern also came with a faux bow at the closure, I also skipped that.

Four tips for sewing with sequins.

– Don’t use your fabric scissors or a rotary cutter. They will be ruined. Use normal scissors to cut the fabric. You can use normal pins.
– Use a strong needle to sew through the sequins. For small sequins like the ones I used you can stitch through them using a strong needle. I used a jeans needle in my machine. If you have a fabric with bigger sequins, unpick the sequins from the seam allowance before you sew.
– Use a pressing cloth between your fabric and iron to avoid damaging the fabric. If you don’t have a pressing cloth, a tea towel or scrap piece of cotton will also work.
– Keep your vacuum close. When cutting, you will cut apart the sequins resulting in sequins everywhere. Vacuum your table and around it regularly or you will find shiny sequins everywhere.

I love this bolero jacket. The color will pair perfect with a lot of things in my wardrobe like last years fringe dress. It’s the perfect quick project that adds sparkle to every outfit!

The fabrics for this blog where kindly gifted by Budgetstoffen for a blog on their platform.

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